Thermal Control Membrane

Solar attic blanket tcm thermal control membrane is a dust proof 4 ply radiant barrier patented 99% foil system that is professionally installed in the attic, on top of the celling joist, or under flat roofs over your existing insulation. Regular blown or rolled insulation absorb and let in heat all day. But it’s still code in Florida to have it. 

Big and small homes both can run high power bills each month. With roofs not properly insulated, or ventilated will produce high power bills each month also causing your ac unit to run more and work harder year around, especially during Florida hottest summers.



The Combination of tcm installed in the attic combined with our German solar fans are proven performers for lowering consumption and increasing year around comfort and reducing high monthly power bills you can also receive a tax credit. Be aware of imitation  radiant barriers that collect dust.

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Thermal Control Membrane 2



*This is the only reflective insulation that has a lifetime performance warranty


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Rodent nests:


Rats make nests in loose fiberglass insulation. Rodent nests in insulation are both smelly nuisance and health hazard.

Rats /mice infected with a Hantavirus can transmit it via their saliva, urine, and feces.

Should their leavings be disturbed they can become airborne: humans inhaling those airborne particles can become quite ill. For this reason all old insulation should be removed, or covered with our solar blanket /thermal control membrane.