Vented Soffit Fascia Clearwater

Soffit & fascia is a great alternative to not having paint anymore. We remove all the rotten wood on your overhang and remove soffit every 10 Ft. around the house to let in more airflow except the gables ends. Our premium vented wood grain vinyl soffit & fascia comes in several classic designers colors.

Provides 50% more ventilation than standard vinyl soffit, engineered for strength.

In Florida homes, they don’t have ventilation around the overhang they don’t have what’s called an air intake. Air must enter the soffit and rise thru the attic up to the ridge vent then release hot air. This system controls air to circulate through the hot attic and keep moister under control preventing mold & mildew. This helps keeps the attic temperate down and with proper insulation it allows cooler air enter so the warmer air can exit.


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