Property Home Improvement, Inc. is a family owned business which was established in 1997. For the past 18 years, we have been dedicated to providing fast, high-quality roofing & home improvement services for residential and commercial clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our outstanding track record with general contractors and homeowners throughout Florida has earned us a reputation as one of the area’s leading roofing & home improvement companies. Our team takes pride in providing fast, affordable roofing & construction services with the knowledge and skills to complete your home improvement project on time and within budget.


Pete Miller
Owner/Roofing & Building Contractor




Peter Miller is the owner and state certified roofing and building contractor. Very few contractors hold the licensing and experence he has. Most contractors just re roof and there are many of them. A family owned business for over 30 years of services experience in all phases in the construction field.






Pete stands out from the rest with his expertise in the following:

Ability to re-pitch flat roofs that hold water; hip and gable roofs that were built incorrectly; tile roof valleys, old or new, still leaking in the same place because they were framed and sloped wrong thereby causing extensive wood rot; soffit and fascia damage/overhangs; walls and attic leaks in homes; damaged drywall; mold and mildew; termites, carpenter ants, fruit rats, squirrels, other animals, etc.; dry rot; wet insulation; no ventilation; high electric bills because AC units running all the time; rotten window frames; aluminum patio roofs flashed incorrectly which causes leaking at the tie in/trim; bottom of exterior doors rotten; mold and mildew on driveways that need gutters over garage doors.  Should I go on?! Over the years Pete has trained our staff to look for these problems and eliminate constant maintenance problems, so you don’t pay multiple times all over again.

As a building contractor, we are licensed to do structural changes and repairs. A roofing contractor can only replace sheeting on the surface and fascia boards, and that’s all. Over the years some homeowners tell us that they are probably going to move within 5 years so they want the cheapest fix, so if they sell or don’t sell they have to discount the price if their home because of all the maintenance problems that continue to exist. We help thousands of homeowners and our services reach out to your area. Allow us to bring our dedicated services, superior roofing, and building products to your home

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